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the gap of coconut shell activated carbon

According to the road exhaust gas and car formaldehyde, toluene, sulfur dioxide, butane, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide compound volatile organic compounds and other harmful gas molecular size and properties, the team of engineers choose high-quality Sri Lanka import coconut shell activated carbon as raw material. After the complete catalysis and the special aperture adjustment process, make it has abundant micropores, hole, macroporous structure which can achieve the effects of conjugate adsorption according to molecular size of harmful gas allocation. In the same time, it can completely dehumidify, deodorize and bring you and your family a fresh driving space as well.

Activated carbon
activated carbon

Activated carbon is a porous material. It has a highly developed pore structure and the porous structure of activated carbon provides a large surface area in which gas (impurities) can have full access to. It’s very easy to achieve the collection of impurity absorption purpose based on the adsorption properties of activated carbon. Like a magnetic force, all the molecules have a mutual attraction. Because of this, a large number of molecules of activated carbon on the hole wall can produce strong gravity, so it can absorb the harmful impurities to the aperture of the objective. But not all of the activated carbon can absorb harmful gases, only when the pore structure activity carbon is slightly larger than the diameter of the harmful gas molecules, allowing harmful gas molecules fully into the case (not too large or too small). In this way, it can achieve the best adsorption effect.


activated carbon particles
activated carbon particles

Coconut shell activated carbon chooses high quality coconut shell of Southeast Asia as material, through a series of production process such as carbonization, activation at high temperature and pretreatment, refined processing and so on. The appearance of coconut shell activated carbon black was granular and columnar, with a developed gap, good adsorption properties, high strength, easy regeneration, economic and durable. It becomes the best choice for today’s high-quality air conditioner filter. Ag air conditioner filter selects the coconut shell activated carbon which imported from Southeast Asian island nation of Sri Lanka.

The following table is some specific technical parameters of AG-filter air conditions filter, the relevant parameters have been tested by authoritative third party.

Activated carbon’s parameter of AG-filter air conditions filter

Item Unit Index
Iodine value Mg/g ≥900-1000
Strength % ≥900-1000
Loss on drying % ≤10
pH value PH ≥7
Stacking proportion g/Cubic centimeter 0.32-0.40
Grain size / 30~60
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