Mission & Vision



Guard every breath of humanity with new high-tech

As people's life level is higher and higher, people's pursuit of a better life is also greater and greater. However, air pollution has unexpectedly become a tiger in the way of people's life.
Just imagine, if there is no clean air, how can we talk about a better life?
In the face of the worsening air pollution situation, Air Guard is determined to use innovative thinking, leading technology to develop air purification products in line with the requirements of the new era, vowed to use our strength to resolutely protect human's every breath, to improve human's life, living environment and make unremitting efforts!

To provide better solutions to achieve a healthy environment

  Air Guard strives to meet the needs of the industry through innovative solutions to address the macro trends
and key challenges of the rapid economic development.
Improve the quality of people’s lives through high quality products and innovative technologies.



To become a global leader
in air purification industry:

Energy conservation and
environmental protection,

Green and life coexist,

Health is shared with wealth.